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    Launch a real-world challenge,

    get real-world talent. 

    With emerge you can easily assess your candidates' skills by challenging them to solve a real-world problem.


  • Easily create and share challenges and find great people to interview!

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    1. Tell us about who you need

    We will ask you short yet in-depth questions ranging from your company culture to the successful candidate's activities. Within a few hours, we will send you an email to ask you to confirm the launch.

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    2. Launch the challenge

    Share the challenge with pre-screened applicants or leave it open for anyone to apply.

    We will receive the responses and rate the candidates according to your needs. 

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    3. Get your custom report

    Our expert recruiters will craft a custom report for you, showcasing the best candidates and their skills, and including the most relevant responses.

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    4. Choose your hero!

    Our report shows you how the candidates would do in their day-to day activity. Now you can invite the most promising ones for an interview.

  • Start sourcing your talent like it's 2015.

  • Your competitive edge

    in talent sourcing

    Discover the unique features of the emerge recruiting software:

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    Test candidates with real-world tasks

    Hiring means finding the right person to solve a problem. With emerge, you eliminate the guesswork and test candidates directly against the problem at hand.

    Or as we call it, performance-based recruiting.

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    A turnkey solution for better applicants

    Our recruiters are trained to understand your business needs and turn them into screening questions.

    We don't have a standard ranking for candidates: their skills are measured against the parameters that matter to you.

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    Find diverse and unique talent

    Sometimes being able to get the job done is just not enough. Sometimes you need a creative jack-of-all-trades who will stick to the task and motivate people. emerge can help you find the round peg in the square hole who ends up changing the world.

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    No IT required

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    Clear reporting

  • We are on a mission

    to bring HUMAN back to HR

  • About emerge

    The emerge manifesto

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    Our vision: 



    We want to change the way talent is sourced. More and more companies are acknowledging the fact that a stellar resume does not make a great employee. Creativity does. Stress tolerance does. Social skills do. Emerge provides companies with a way to act on this realisation. 


    We believe that the people behind resumes deserve an opportunity to show what they can do. Only by empowering applicants can real talent emerge from the crowd. 


    This is why we're building the talent sourcing system of the future. 


    emerge's distributed team is based in Amsterdam, NL, and Ubud, Bali.


    Follow us on our journey to bring the human dimension back in HR!

  • Are you hiring? We can help!

    We can do awesome things together. Drop us a line, we'll get back to you within 24 hours.